Land Registry

Sewage Treatment Works

Land North of Eastfield Lane

Underfield Close, Pit Lane

Land SW of Garden Flats


The Freedom of Information Act (Model Publication Scheme 2008) and the Localism Act (Accountability and Transparancy Codes) require councils to maintain an inventory of all the information that it holds and make this information available through its website to the public.

There is no definative list of documents because every parish differs in the services that it provides but there are (in addition to accounting spreadsheets) some standard documents are shown below but be aware that additional documents are required under the Local Council Award Scheme where the council wishes to attain Quality status or higher. Even if you are not applying for status under the Award Scheme there is no harm in providing these documents if they exist.


Tenancy Agreement


Cemetery Charges
Cemetery Rules and Regulations
Cemetery Plan
Cemetery Plot Request Form
Interment Application Form
Memorial Inscription Form

Governance and Policies

Code of Conduct
Data Protection Policy
Disciplinary Policy
Emergency Plan

Emergency Plan - Community Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities
Financial Regulations
Grievance Policy
Insurance Cover
Employers Liability Certificate
Risk Assessment
Standing Orders


Notice of the Making of a Definative Map Modification Order - March 2020
Parish Census Profile 2011
Village Design Statement 2006